Free of charge Moodkino screenings are available on Festhome TV!

Stories from the Shower (Norway 2021)

The two Moodkino screenings of the Tampere Film Festival are seen online free of charge until 31 March 2022 on Festhome TV. The films are aimed at pupils in lower and upper secondary schools, and they provoke conversation about body image, gender and freedom of speech, among other things. There are vibrant colours and dancing outside of the comfort zone.  The short films can be watched together in school as part of discussion or from your own sofa at home. The Moodkino screenings are co-organised with the Pirkanmaa Cooperative Society.

Moodkino1 is aimed at lower secundary school pupils. It begins with Nova (Luca Meisters, Netherlands 2021) in which a comforting gesture from a football coach awakens new feelings. Material Bodies (Dorothy Allen-Pickard, United Kingdom 2020) is about people to whom their prosthetic limbs have become a part of their identities– like a dancing partner or jewellery. Stories from the Shower (Teresia Fant, Norway 2021) offers a view into pupils’ experiences and thoughts from the depths of the shower rooms.

Space is a Quite a Lot of Things (Sweden, Finland 2021)

Moodkino2 for upper secondary school pupils begins with the animation Trona Pinnacles (Mathilde Parquet, France 2020) in which a turn of events in the desert ends one family’s speechlessness. In Shower Boys (Christian Zettenberg, Sweden 2021), masculinity is put to a test after a game of floorball. In the documentary Space is a Quite a Lot of Things (August Joensalo, Sweden, Finland 2021), transgender people search words for sexuality, which can feel like a lot of things. Ourse (Nicolas Birkenstock, France 2020) is a film about a sleepwalker, who faces big changes at school by day and in the moonlight by night.


Moodkino1 Online 9.–20.3. Festhome TV

Moodkino2 Online 9.–20.3. Festhome TV



Mirjami Vertainen