You can read more on the accessibility information of specific venues on our Accessibility page.

1. Finnkino Cine Atlas

Koskikeskus shopping centre, Hatanpään valtatie 1
Ground Floor, entrance from Koskenranta side

2. Arthouse Cinema Niagara

Kehräsaari B

3. Yo-talo

Kauppakatu 10

4. Tuulensuu Palace

Hämeenkatu 30

5. Tampere Cathedral

Tuomiokirkonkatu 3b

6. Industry Centre

Väinö Linnan aukio 13

7. Original Sokos Hotel Ilves (Guest Info)

Hatanpään valtatie 1



By foot

The main entrance to the festival is the Koskenranta entrance.

By bicycle

There are bicycle parks at the Koskenranta and Suvantokatu entrances, on the corner of Suvantokatu, and on Hatanpään valtatie (consider winter conditions; some of the bicycle parks may be out of use).

By public transport

The distance from the railway station to Koskikeskus is about 300 m. The distance from the bus or tram station to Koskikeskus is about 150 m. Nearest stops of Tampere Local Transport (TKL) are Koskipuisto and Sorinaukio. Check out routes and timetables at Nysse journey planner.

By car

The shopping centre offers parking in the parking garage P-Koskikeskus. The entrance to the parking garage is from Suvantokatu. Parking is available in the garage for a fee. There are four electric car charging points in Koskikeskus’ parking garage.

More information about parking in P-Koskikeskus.


Koskikeskus shopping centre is accessible from every entrance. There are ramps at the entrances of Koskenportti, Sorinportti and Koskenranta, which are readily available, and there is a lift at the entrance of the Otavala tunnel. The shopping centre is also accessible inside using elevators.

The taxi pickup and drop-off area is situated at the corner of Hatanpään valtatie and Suvantokatu. Free accessible parking spaces (3) are located on Suvantokatu.



Free toilets are located on floors 0, 1 and 3.  Accessible toilets are located on floors 0 and 1.