1. Finnkino Cine Atlas

Address: Koskikeskus, Hatanpään valtatie 1


All entrances to the Koskikeskus Shopping Centre are accessible.

The shopping center is also accessible via lifts. The main entrance to the festival is the entrance of Koskenranta (picture 1) where you will find electric sliding doors and a ramp.

Koskenranta entrance

Sorinportti entrance

Koskenportti entrance


All auditoriums of Cine Atlas are adjustable for wheelchairs. Wheelchair access in auditorium 1 and 4 is only possible with the help of staff. Auditoriums 2 and 3 are wheelchair accessible directly from the lobby. Wheelchair spaces are in the front row of the auditorium.


There is one accessible toilet in Cine Atlas. There are more accessible toilets on the 0th and 1st floors of Koskikeskus.

Access to the Shopping Centre

Access from Cine Atlas to the Shopping Centre is via an escalator or elevator. An elevator can be found in the hallway behind the entrance to Cine Atlas.

The elevator from Koskikeskus Shopping Centre 1st floor to Finnkino Cine Atlas is located on the left in the corridor behind the escalator and stairs.

In the ground floor, the elevator between Finnkino Cine Atlas and the upper floors of the Shopping Centre is located in the corridor next to the cinema entrance.

The cinema and the Shopping Centre’s 1st floor is also connected by an escalator and stairs.

2. Arthouse Cinema Niagara

Address: Kehräsaari B

Arthouse Cinema Niagara can be reached from many directions. From Hotel Ilves and Finnkino Cine Atlas, the are two optional routes. Via Kehräsaari brigde (Kehräsaaren silta), the route is partly sloping and possibly more slippery in the wintertime. Via Vuolteensilta the access is more flat and unobstructed.


The main door of the building is an outward opening glass door. There are two about 5cm high thresholds from the front door to the ticket office and the cinema. Venue staff will assist over thresholds when needed.


There are two wheelchair spaces in the front of the Niagara auditorium. The auditorium has an induction loop. There is no induction loop at the ticket office and on the restaurant side.


There is an accessible toilet in the hallway of the cinema.

Niagara entrance

3. Yo-talo

 Address: Kauppakatu 10

Main entrance

The main entrance to Yo-talo has a ramp for wheelchair users. There’s plenty of room in front of the main entrance for a paratransit taxi. The venue space can be navigated in a wheelchair or with other mobility aids, with the exception of an elevated platform situated along the sides of the dance floor.


Yo-talo doesn’t have separate accessible toilets.

4. Tuulensuu Palace

Address: Hämeenkatu 30


The entrance to the Palace has steps, which can be fitted with a 90-centimetre-wide ramp when needed.

The restaurant/audience space, coat check area and entrance to Tuulensuu Palace are all on the same floor. The restaurant space has an accessible elevated platform area, but has other levels which are inaccessible.

The staff at Tuulensuu Palace is trained to guide and assist customers with mobility and sensory limitations.


Tuulensuu Palace has accessible toilets in the entrance floor behind the coat check area. The door is 92 cm wide.


5. Tampere Cathedral

Address: Tuomiokirkonkatu 3 b


The church hall and other street-level areas are accessible. Accessible entrance is on the side of Rautatienkatu. There’s a ramp available during events and as needed. The church hall has an induction loop. Guide dogs are welcome.


There’s an accessible toilet on the back of the church hall. When looking from the main entrance, the toilet is on the left-hand side. The size of the stall is about 1,7 x 1,7 m.

6. Industry Centre

Address: Väinö Linnan aukio 13


The space is all on one floor on street level. No steps or high thresholds. The toilets, including an accessible stall, are on the front of the venue space. The entire space is accessible to those with limited mobility.


The space is on two levels connected by a staircase. The top level is accessible with a wheelchair, but the view might be obstructed. You can borrow a wheelchair from the lobby between Terde and Vooninki. The space uses the same bathrooms as Vooninki.