Programme catalogues

During the history of the festival, thousands and thousands of films have been screened in competition series and in different theme programmes. These films have been gathered into festival catalogues for several decades. The last decade can be found here.

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Awarded films

The very first international competition was organized in 1970 and the statuette “Kiss” was given to the documentary 79 Springs by Santiago Álvarez. Today Tampere Film Festival is one of the three biggest film festivals in Europe. Over the years, there has been a vast variety of categories in competitions. You can find the awarded films from the very beginning here.

International Competition Winners

National Competition Winners

Generation XYZ Competition Winners

Micromovies Competition Winners


During the 50 year long history of Tampere Film Festival there have been hundreds of film enthusiasts working as a jury members.They have come from all continents, except Antarktis. Here you can find the juries beginning from the year 1970.