Information for guests

Festival Centre & Guest Info

Guest Info and Festival Centre are located at Väinö Linnan aukio 13 in Finlayson Area. The Festival Centre is a real hotspot for the guests!

Please check in and pick up your festival badge and programme catalogue from the Guest Info when you arrive in Tampere.

The Festival Centre is also the venue for our industry programme, and there is a wireless internet connection for our guests.

Opening hours:

WED 9.3.    12.00–22.00
THU 10.3.    9.00–20.00
FRI 11.3.     9.00–20.00
SAT 12.3.     9.00–17.00
SUN 13.3.    11.00–15.00


Venues of the festival

Screening tickets with the Festival Badge

We offer 3 tickets per day for screenings on the same day to our guests. You can reclaim the complimentary tickets from the Guest Info, Festival Shop or online at There is a personal 6-digit code on the back of your Festival Badge which is needed when reclaiming tickets.

With the Festival Badge you’ll also get free entry to the Festival Club on Friday and Saturday. Also, you’ll get discounts from our cooperative restaurants.

Reclaiming tickets online

You have to be a registered user at to reclaim tickets. You can register at

When you have signed in, please…

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the screening. Please note that you can reclaim tickets only for screenings on the same day.
  3. Choose the option Guest from the menu.
  4. Please enter your personal 6-digit code to the field, and you’ll get the screening ticket. The code is on the back of your Festival Badge.
  5. You’ll receive a PDF ticket via email.

Please note that complimentary tickets are personal. Since the number of the guest tickets is limited, we cannot guarantee that there will be tickets available for every screening. If there are no guest tickets left, you can buy the tickets at the ticket booths or online for 9 €/ticket.

Once all the guests with tickets have entered the screening, and if there are free seats left, you can enter the screening with your Festival Badge. The seats will be filled in the order of arrival. Please note that if the screening has begun when you arrive you can enter the screening in between the short films.

NB! On the back of your Festival Badge you will also find a QR Code. That is meant for access control at the screenings.

Reclaim guest tickets online


Iida Sahlman

Guest Coordinator +358 41 715 9135

Anna Ludvig

Guest Assistant +358 41 715 9135 +358 41 480 8379