Age Limits

Tampere Film Festival has estimated an age limit for all screenings shown at the festival. Age limits for the screenings can also be seen in the programme map and the programme catalogue.

Some films also have official age limits and therefore have official age limit and content warning symbols attached to the film’s info. The official symbols and their meanings can be seen below.


Age limits estimated by Tampere Film Festival:

Age Limit: For All Ages
= Everyone can view this screening

Age Limit: 7+
= This screening is not for persons under 7

Age Limit: 12+
= This screening is not for persons under 12

Age Limit: 16+
= This screening is not for persons under 16

Age Limit: 18+
= This screening is not for persons under 18

Age Limit: TBA
= Age limit for this screening will be announced later on our website


The official age limit symbols of the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI):


About Age Limits

All age limits are binding and must be adhered to. Screenings can be viewed by a child who is no more than three years younger than what is specified in the age limit if accompanied by an adult for the whole duration of the screening.

The discretion is intended for the use of an adult (usually a parent or a guardian) who knows the child well. The discretion should not be used with groups of children and it does not apply to the age limit of 18. Door personnel will ask persons who appear to be younger than the age limits to prove their age.

The purpose of the age limits is not to recommend audiovisual programmes to persons of specific age but to warn viewers about content that may be harmful to the development of children. The age limits are based on an assessment of which types of audiovisual programme content can be harmful to the development of children: violence, sexual content, content causing anxiety, or substance use. If an audiovisual programme does not have any content harmful to children, it is allowed for all ages.