The films of the Tampere Film Festival’s National, International and Generation XYZ Competition for 2024 have been selected. Again, a large number of films submitted for the competition series – there were 7434 applicants in total, and 125 films were selected for the competitions.

The best films in the competitions will be awarded on Saturday 9 March at the Award Ceremony at Tuulensuu Palace.


Competitions 2024

Selected films: International Competition 2024

Selected films: National Competition 2024

Selected films: Generation XYZ 2024


Awards 2024

VJ Competition

Tampere Film Festival has also organised a VJ Competition for visual jockeys since 2021. The latest live competition for VJs was held at the Media and Light Art Event Projio on 21 October 2023 and the main prize was given to a VJ-duo AnniMurtosaariArt.

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