Tampere Film Festival and Pirkanmaa Film Center Show Short Films From Amantea on Summer Thursdays

The Tampere Film Festival together with the Pirkanmaa Film Center PEK organises a series of short film screenings Short Films From Amantea – A Town in Calabria, Italy. Screenings are shown every other Thursday on 11 July, 25 July and 8 August at Arthouse Cinema Niagara.

The films shown in the screenings come from La Guarimba Film Festival organised in Amantea, Italy, where for several years the festival has invited filmmakers from around the world to make short films.

The short, quickly made films are a fun, contemplative and, above all, versatile look at the diversity of filmmaking. As a whole, the films are a tribute to the town, where the sea has always been an integral part of life.

–  A Town in Calabria, Italy

Screenings on Thursdays 11.7., 25.7. and 8.8.
Arthouse Cinema Niagara
Entrance fee 5 €

The films are spoken in English or have English subtitles. Also understandable in Italian.

More information and tickets on the website of Arthouse Cinema Niagara.