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Kypärä jonka ympärillä on kukkasia / Helmet and flowers

Thank You!

Tampere Film Festival was organized for the 51st time between 10–14 March, 2021.

The first online edition of the festival gained around 60 000 views. Thank you to everyone who participated the first online edition ever!

The 52nd edition of the festival will take place between 9–13 March 2022.

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Awards Have Been Announced

Tampere Film Festival’s International Competition Grand Prix goes to Suzannah Mirghani’s fiction film, Al-Sit (Sudan, Qatar 2020).

In the under 30 minutes category of the National Competition of the Festival, the main Prize was awarded to Sawandi Groskind’s Where to Land (Finland 2020). The Main Prize in the Over 30 Minutes category was awarded to Joonas Neuvonen and Sadri Cetinkaya’s documentary Lost Boys (Finland 2020).


Awarded Films 2021

Directors in the Spotlight

Tomek Popakul

Stories about Alienation – Interview with Tomek Popakul

“I always tend to sympathize with outsiders, the ones who bear the hardships of being unfitting, and dare to go against the rules of the surrounding community. They experience loneliness and misery many times but in their internal struggle many times something unique is born.”

Stories about Alienation – Interview with Tomek Popakul
Nainen ja auringon valo mustavalkoisena / A woman and sunlight in black and white

Interview with Katja Gauriloff

“I’m not sure if I would be a filmmaker if I wasn’t a Skolt Sámi and if I hadn’t have to struggle with it from an early age. As a young film student, I felt compelled to take up something that needed to be fixed. We, the Skolt Sámi, had not yet been presented in the film through our own point of view. The history remained unseen by the majority. Too many eyes had been closed.”

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