Towards an ecologically sustainable festival

Tampere Film Festival has purposefully developed its operations into a more ecologically sustainable event. The goal of Tampere City Region is to be a carbon neutral region by 2030 and Tampere Film Festival is committed to it. The festival is involved in Visit Tampere’s Think Sustainably service and has calculated its carbon footprint since 2021 and compensated its emissions with the help of Compensate Foundation.

We avoid single-use culture in all our actions. We favour rental, loan and recycle services or invest in long-term acquisitions. Our event marketing is focused on online marketing channels and we print hardcopies only when absolutely needed. Waste is recycled at all our venues and the amount of general and food waste is minimised. Only vegetarian food is served at the festival’s own functions.

In 2022, Tampere Film Festival participated in the KEMUT-project, which develops a material and information toolkit as well as suitable counters to monitor and reduce emissions. Tampere Film Festival is also involved in the international Green Charter for Festivals project.

Based on a three-year emission calculation, it’s clear that the majority of emissions originate from logistics. Tampere Film Festival is an international festival, and we want to remain that way also in the future. This means that guests will continue to fly to the festival from different parts of the world and the share of travel in the carbon footprint will be high. We are aware of these emissions and want to compensate them as best we can.

We promote environmental themes in the festival’s programming and take a stand and endeavour to increase people’s awareness about the state of nature and the environment. Emission calculations will also be done in the future, and ways to make the festival more ecologically sustainable will be actively sought and developed.