New environmental tickets available for 2024 festival

For the 2024 festival it is possible to buy an environmental ticket for film screenings.  The environmental ticket is either a single ticket or a serial card, and Tampere Film Festival will donate two euros from the ticket price to the Natural Heritage Foundation’s Protect a Piece of Pirkanmaa campaign.

Protect a Piece of Pirkanmaa is a joint campaign of the Pirkanmaa Ornithological Society and the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation to protect forest and swamp nature in Pirkanmaa. The aim of the campaign is to find suitable nature conservation sites and to raise money to buy these sites for conservation.

More information about the campaign can be found on the Natural Heritage Foundation’s website and you can also contribute to the campaign with your own donation.

Currently you can buy serial cards and super serial cards as environmental tickets. Individual screening tickets will be on sale on 14 February.

Prices for the enviromental tickets:

Single screening                                       14€ (norm. 12€)
Awarded films screening                      16,50€ (norm. 14,50€)
Serial Card (6 tickets)                            62€ (norm. 60€)
Super Serial Card (10 tickets)            87€ (norm. 85€)


Environmental tickets can be purchased at the online shop and at the ticket offices, and from 4 March also at the festival’s own ticket offices. For more information on our ticket products, please visit the tickets section of our website.

Tampere Film Festival is committed to environmental responsibility. In practice this can be seen, for example, by sorting waste both in the office and at the venues, by avoiding a single-use culture and by serving only vegetarian food at film festival events. For more information on the environmental responsibility of Tampere Film Festival, please visit the sustainability section of our website.

An essential part of the festival’s commitment to environmental responsibility is to make environmental issues visible in its programming. Nature and the environment are also visible in this year’s programme: the Forest theme programme will focus on the forest, for example, from the perspective of forestry and Finnish folklore. You can read more about the thematic programme in the article about the programme releases.

Tampere Film Festival also presents the annual Verso Sustainability Award. This is the third year that the Verso is awarded to a Finnish film production that takes environmental sustainability into account.