Kino-Palatsi Added to the Treasures of European Film Culture

The European Film Academy has added the historic Tuulensuu Palace, formerly known as Kino-Palatsi, located in Tampere, to the Treasures of European Film Culture.

The Treasures of European Film Culture are part of the European Film Academy’s expanded film heritage activities, which started in 2022. With these Treasures, the Academy celebrates places of a symbolic nature for European cinema, places of historical value that needs to be maintained and protected for generations to come.

– We are delighted to honour eight more memorable places as Treasures of European Film Culture that people can visit, says Pascal Edelmann, Head of European Film Heritage at the European Film Academy.

In addition to Kino-Palatsi, new additions include, for example, Baščaršija district in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Gamla Filmstaden in Råsunda, Sweden. You can read all the new Treasures of European Film Culture in the press release of the European Film Academy.

Tampere Film Festival has a long history at Kino-Palatsi

Kino-Palatsi was founded in 1929, and according to the European Film Academy, it is a fine example of the luxurious “movie temples” built in the first half of the last century. Kino-Palatsi hosted cinema activities until 1991, and today the carefully restored place mainly serves as a restaurant and event venue.

Kino-Palatsi has also functioned as one of the Tampere Film Festival venues already in the 1970s. After a break of years, in 2023, the festival returned to the current Tuulensuu Palace, where the Award Ceremony of the festival has now been organised two years in a row.


European Film Academy: Treasure of European Film Culture
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