Made for children, the versatile Minikino includes two free screenings with a total of 11 short films.

Check out the films and read more about Minikino below.

Please note that due to limited seating, both screenings require attendees to get a free ticket in advance from one of TFF’s ticket outlets.

Minikino is divided into two screenings, and consists of eleven films in total. These films take the viewer through captivating, sometimes dreamlike landscapes, where different kinds of protagonists explore the world by cooking with friends, spending a raucous day at school or getting to know a mysterious rock creature. Vibrant and charming, these stories invite children and adults alike to jump into enchanting worlds where spoken words aren’t needed to know that you’re among friends.

Minikino 1 gives us playful, atmospheric shorts. The films include colourful cartoons and delightful soft stop motion animations, where characters ponder at a big turnip, a surprising soup recipe and the liquid-like anatomy of cats. The screening is suitable for children around three years old and up.

Minikino 2, on the other hand, brings us slightly longer films with more tension and excitement. Ranging from five to thirteen minutes, these films have their fair share of hustle and bustle: a hard-working battery mommy is taken by surprise by a dangerous interruption to her daily routine, and one boy’s football practice is interrupted by an unpredictable goose making herself at home on his lawn. These films show us how we can face new and even scary situations, as long as we face them together. The screening is suitable for children around six years old and up.

Aaro Salokorpi
Tampere Film Festival