Tips for Saturday

Weekend is the perfect time for binge watching screenings but don’t forget to also hop on over to where all the events are happening – the festival’s Facebook and YouTube.

At 11.30am on the festival’s Facebook page there will be talk of the power and responsibility of a director in a panel discussion moderated by director Dome Karukoski. The panel discussion is in Finnish. Reflecting upon the documentary Dinosaur by Veikko Aaltonen, this discussion will seek to find answers as well as new and improved courses of action for future productions and future generations of filmmaking. In addition to Aaltonen the directors Juho Kuosmanen, Tiina Lymi and Saara Saarela will be taking part in the panel discussion.

The controversial Dinosaur (National Competition 1) will only be available to watch on Festhome TV until the end of this weekend. Viewing time for the films Donner – Private (National Competition 5) and Night of the Living Dicks (National Competition 8 & Generation XYZ 1) will also be ending tomorrow, so make sure to add these on the top of your viewing list. All these films are geo-blocked to Finland but the blocking doesn’t concern accredited guests. Other festival screenings will be available to watch all the way until next Sunday 21 March.

On Saturday at 4pm WIFT Finland and International Sámi Film Institute will organize a Womarts Masterclass hosted by director Katja Gauriloff. Gauriloff wants to represent her own cultural background and make her voice heard as a Skolt Sámi filmmaker. The director’s two feature-length documentaries Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest (2016) and Canned Dreams (2011) are featured in the Festival Programme, and the Sami Filbma screening features the music video Duoddara Modjegobit (2020) that Gauriloff directed for the band Guorga. All of these screenings are also available to watch on Festhome TV.

The Film Club Monroe’s Film Circle and the Q&A sessions with the National Competition’s short film directors will also be carried out today. The last Film Circle will be concentrating on the National Competition 11 screening, showcasing for example A People’s Radio – Ballads from a Wooded Country (2021) by Virpi Suutari and The Last Matador (2020) by Katariina Lillqvist.

On Saturday the Q&A sessions will host the following directors:

  • Marlena Martikainen (Easy Panties)
  • Henna Välkky & Samuel Häkkinen (Verdict 30001: The Cookies)
  • Mika Taanila (Patent Nr. 314805)
  • Virva & Vuokko Kunttu (Moskova Forever)
  • Katariina Lillqvist (The Last Matador)
  • Hanna Hovitie (To Feather, To Wither)

Saturday night will culminate in the Late Night Show event at 8.30pm, starring the Sámi duo Vildá along with the Kalevi Suopursu Karaoke Show! This live event will be broadcast on the festival’s Facebook page and it will not be available for viewing later on. After having enjoyed the musical experiences of the evening, one can start getting ready and excited for tomorrow’s Award Ceremony starting at 12 noon on Facebook.