Safer Space Principles

We give space for everyone

Everyone is equal. We respect everyone’s self-determination and freedom to be themselves.

We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or violent behaviour.

Everyone has the right to enjoy the festival in peace. No-one is to be treated inappropriately based on personal qualities, such as age, gender, sexual orientation, size, skin colour, functional ability, health, wealth, language, religion, culture or any other background.

We take individual personal boundaries into consideration and respect them.

No-one is to be touched without permission, or harassed verbally, non-verbally, or physically.

Safety is created together.

If you encounter or witness any harassment, discrimination or other unacceptable behaviour, please contact the festival staff at the venue. If your own behaviour offends others, please be prepared to take notice and adjust your conduct.

If you would like to discuss any inappropriate situation, please contact the festival’s harassment contact person Riina Mikkonen (, tel. +358 44 476 5203).

If anyone breaches the safer space principles or carries on with offensive behaviour despite being asked to stop, the staff has the right to remove them from the festival premises.