Tampere Film Festival 2024 will feature a large number of documentaries and animations. Anidocs screenings combine these two genres. Anidocs 1 and 2 explore both social problems and phenomena as well as personal true stories told through animated documentaries.

Find out more about the screenings and read the introduction text below.

Tampere Film Festival’s programme is known to contain plenty of documentaries, and this year is no exception. True to its name, the AniDocs portion of the programming is made up of documentaries produced by utilizing different forms of animation. This tool allows these stories to be told with a magical touch that at times feels more intimate than traditional documentary filmmaking. These methods allow us to see different dimensions of these stories.

The animated documentaries have been divided into two screenings: the personal and the societal. Still, there can’t be one without the other: a singular human existence is always part of a bigger collective, and the big picture always has a tangible effect on countless individual lives. For example, in the film Armit (2021), filmmaker Elodie Dermange explores her connection to her Armenian roots, but casting a shadow over her personal experience is the genocide her grandfather survived, alive but traumatized. On the other hand, in the almost comically named Just a Guy (2020), three women discuss their friendships with a serial killer sentenced to death in the 1980s – a story more relevant than ever during the current true crime wave.

This year’s animation documentaries tell stories of humanity, history, and the search for one’s own identity. These eleven films take the viewer to Japan and all around Europe.

Aaro Salokorpi
Tampere Film Festival