Tampere Film Festival & Yle Kulttuuricocktail: AI and Scriptwriting

Sat 9.3. | 14:00–16:00 | Cine Atlas 3 | In English 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is currently a hot topic of conversation. By its effects, AI has been compared to the industrial revolution. It can be used to manipulate images, generate speech and write text. But how will all of this affect the writing of films and television series? Directors Siiri Halko, Ada Johnsson and screenwriter Katri Manninen  will discuss the issue. The discussion is moderated by screenwriter Anna Brotkin.

To kick things off, we will be screening the documentary Written by AI (2024), directed by Ada Johnsson. The documentary premiers at Tampere Film Festival, and it will be added to Yle Areena on 11 March and shown on Yle Teema on 12 March. The issue will be further discussed on the show Kulttuuricocktail Live on 13 March.

Written by AI is a co-production between Yleisradio and the Department of Film at Aalto University.

Premiere at Tampere Film Festival:

Written by AI

Finland | 2024 | 25 min | Director: Ada Johnsson | Fin/Eng | Age Limit: 7+

What happens, when a computer is given the screenplays of the most popular films in Finland? Yle’s Kulttuuricocktail asked the biggest production companies in Finland the screenplays for their biggest hits. The material gathered included 16 films, including The Unknown Soldier, 21 Ways to Ruin a Marriage and multiple Risto Räppääjä films. Based on this, an AI model is now producing an endless amount of scripts for surreal film scenes.

In the documentary, we see how Jussi nominated director Siiri Halko and Jussi winner Seidi Haarla, among others, work with the algorithm. Within the documentary is included Halko’s short film Viimeinen sopimus (2024), which is based on the most popular films in Finland.

What does a probability-based AI model reveal about the hit films and culture of Finland? What is it like to work on a film in the absence of a screenwriter?

“We don’t even realise how massively this will change things.”


Photo: Viimeinen sopimus (2024), directed by Siiri Halko


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