National Competition 5: A Plan for Paradise

Ambitious Finnish architects are tasked with designing a city for 600,000 people in Nepal.

Language: Fin, Eng Duration: 75 min Age Limit: For All Ages

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    Tehtävänä paratiisi

    A Plan for Paradise
    Director: Kati Juurus
    Country: Finland
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Documentary
    Duration: 75 min

    The Finnish architect Pekka Helin is assigned to plan a new city for 600,000 people in Nepal. He wants to create something “that has never been made before”. The New City should be characterized by green areas, sustainable energy and quality housing, combining tradition with modern styles. A paradise for its inhabitants! Soon enough cultural conflicts arise. The Finns & the Nepalese have a hard time understanding each other. A clash between Western dreams and reality of a poor Asian country emerges. The film is an intimate look at the work process of a renowned architect and his closest colleagues. It’s a study on cultural differences and people trying to overcome those differences. It’s a film which asks important questions but is filled with warm humor.