International Competition 5: Leaving

Exploratory and wistful storytelling about familial relationships and personal identities.

Language: Fin, Eng Duration: 97 min Age Limit: 12+

  • Saab

    Director: Liisbeth Kala
    Country: Estonia
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Experimental, Fiction
    Duration: 14 min

    "Saab" investigates the aesthetics of boredom and states of slowness in the context of everyday poetics. What is it like to capture feelings and states of being on camera? What happens when so little is said and so much is felt?

  • Boléro

    Director: Nans Laborde-Jourdàa
    Country: France
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 17 min

    Fran is in his hometown to rest and visit his mother. Following the jerky rhythm of Bolero, this journey along the paths of memory and desire will lead him and the whole village to a joyfully chaotic climax.

  • Two Days

    Kaksi päivää
    Director: Teymur Gambarov
    Country: Azerbaijan
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 15 min

    A small family lives in Baku. After the sudden disappearance of the father and the horrifying events unfolding around her, 22-year-old Fira is trying to get herself out of her suppressed state and help her mother to cope with it. A story about hope, which as we know, dies last.

  • Scavenger

    Director: Alborz Poursayad
    Country: Iran
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 15 min

    Three generations of a family are in the way with each other. The son wants to revenge his father because of the bitter past and wants to take advantage of his half-life condition. But in the end, family is always important…

  • Myth

    Director: Alies Sluiter
    Country: Australia
    Year: 2022
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 11 min

    When a strange being appears outside her window and lures her mother away, seven-year-old Sophie follows.

  • Iloinen nainen pinkeissä vaatteissa pinkkiä taustaa vasten.


    Director: Fariba Haidari
    Country: Sweden
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Documentary
    Duration: 25 min

    Poignant and touching slices of Leila’s life, a charming 64-year-old transgender woman who is permanently navigating and negotiating her place in an antagonistic world, just before the Taliban retake control of Afghanistan.