International Competition 4: Other

Insightful stories about discrimination, freedom of movement, and more, told through singular people and moments in time.

Language: Fin, Eng Duration: 99 min Age Limit: 7+

  • Ihmisiä istumassa pöydän ympärillä.

    Filmen känns för vit

    The Film Might Be White
    Leffa tuntuu liian valkoiselta
    Director: Sebastian Johansson Micci
    Country: Sweden
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 14 min

    A final feedback meeting is being held prior to the release of an art school's new commercial. Everyone is happy, but what if the commercial is perceived as too white? The meeting suddenly escalates into a debate about how it happened and whose fault it is.

  • Merci pour votre patience!

    Thank You for Your Patience!
    Kiitos kärsivällisyydestänne!
    Director: Simon van der Zande
    Country: Belgium, The Netherlands
    Year: 2022
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 18 min

    From a fixed point of view, we witness a tense bus ride in Brussels, when Samuel – a Congolese immigrant – gets on to voice his discontent with Europe.

  • A Short Film About Kids

    Lyhytelokuva lapsista
    Director: Ibrahim Handal
    Country: Palestine, France
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 10 min

    Four kids from the refugee camp in Bethlehem decide to visit the sea for the first time in their lives.

  • Fuck You Mlungu

    Haista paska, Mlungu
    Director: Mikal Hovland
    Country: Norway
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 27 min

    Solveig is a recent widow with no children. In the early 1980s she sponsored a young orphan, Sibusiso, in the small kingdom of Eswatini in Southern Africa. Solveig now contemplates if she should include Sibusiso in her will. Under the pretence of a holiday trip she travels to meet him.

  • Until He's Back

    Kunnes hän palaa
    Director: Jacqueline Baylon
    Country: Morocco, Spain
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Documentary
    Duration: 30 min

    When Ahmed Tchiche hears that his son’s body has washed up in Spain, he has no idea that he would wait eight months to have a funeral. Unable to go to the country himself, Ahmed must team up with Faisal Bouhafs, a Moroccan migrant living in Spain, to repatriate the body.