Finnish Film Archive 2: The Best of Finnish Commercial Films

A retrospective ode to Finnish commercials and those who have made them.

The subject of this screening by the National Audiovisual Institute is the history of Finnish advertisement films in the 20th century. The screening features both award-winning films and films otherwise embedded in the memory of the Finnish people. Performing in the star-studded advertisements are such iconic actors as Tauno Palo, Ansa Ikonen and Heikki Kinnunen along with other luminaries like the band Hurriganes and the chef Väinö Purje. The people behind the advertisement films include the likes of Harry Lewing and Hans Haataja all the way to Markku Pölönen. The structure of the screening has been devised together with the versatile advertising man Pentti ”Pepe” Teirikari.

Tommi Partanen & Sami Hantula
National Audiovisual Institute

Language: Fin Duration: 80 min Age Limit: For All Ages

  • Vaaleahiuksinen nainen juo piimäpurkista.

    Suomalaisen mainoselokuvan parhaita

    The Best of Finnish Commercial Films
    Director: Hjalmar Löfving, Yrjö Haapanen, Aimo Jäderholm, Uno Pihlström, Niilo Heino, Felix Forsman, Harry Lewing, Onni Rivakka, Hans Haataja, Sauli Rantamäki, Tapani Päivänen, Erkki Ekqvist, Martti Tikka, Asko Tolonen, Paul Brück, Kari Rimaila, Juha Tapaninen, Taina Kanth, Nick Lovelock, Jukka Kemppi, Juhana Manner, Seppo Lehtinen, Juha Huhta, Vellu Valla, Olli Rönkä, Mika Korkeamäki, Markus Virpiö, Jappe Päivinen, Markku Pölönen, Aleksi Mäkelä, Klaus Härö
    Country: Finland
    Year: 1935 – 2000
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 80 min

    Commercials have both delighted and vexed people throughout their history. From a historical perspective, however, it is possible to see the changes in society through commercials. Finnish society became wealthier and more diverse during the decades following the war, and this can be seen in many ways in commercials screened in cinemas and on TV. We wanted to put the spotlight on Finnish commercial films and their makers. A successful commercial is not possible without a good idea and a professional crew, or without the composer of the jingle. The screening is a collection of award-winning and classic commercials from the 20th century. We thank all the production companies for their cooperation. A special thank you is due to the versatile advertising man Pepe Teirikari, who has very kindly offered his help with constructing the screening and also by helping to check the information regarding the makers of each commercial.