European Short Film Audience Award 2

These short films have been awarded in festivals around Europe, and now compete for the European Short Film Audience Award.

NOTE: Though free to attend, due to limited seating, this screening requires attendees to get tickets in advance. You can get you ticket free of charge at one of our ticket outlets: Finnkino Cine Atlas starting on March 4, and Arthouse Cinema Niagara starting on March 6.

Language: Eng Duration: 76 min Age Limit: 12+

  • kalenteri-ikoni Tue 5.3.

  • kelloikoni 18:30

  • karttaikoni Cine Atlas 2

  • 0 (Limited seating)

  • kalenteri-ikoni Sun 10.3.

  • kelloikoni 17:00

  • karttaikoni Cine Atlas 4

  • 0 (Limited seating)

  • Mies nojaa käsiinsä.

    Tondex 2000

    Director: Jean-Baptiste Leonetti
    Country: France
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 28 min

    Sylvain, an Afghan veteran living off of petty crime, crosses paths with Nathalie, an upper-class CEO struggling to keep her lawnmower company afloat.

  • Dzielenie się

    Director: Natalia Sara Skorupa
    Country: Poland
    Year: 2021
    Genre: Documentary
    Duration: 14 min

    A film about family and differences between its members. The author exposes her everyday life – for sharing her inspiring courage and perpetuating the universal experience associated with the struggle to maintain one’s own identity.

  • Mies ja nainen vierekkäin kadulla, mies osoittaa ylös kohti kameraa.

    Arquitectura emocional 1959

    Director: Elias León Siminiani
    Country: Spain
    Year: 2022
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 30 min

    Here is the love story of Sebas and Andrea, first-time university students, in the 1958–1959 academic year. Here is how social class and ideology become insurmountable obstacles. Here is architecture marking a dotted line that ends up dictating its emotion.

  • Sven nicht jetzt, wann dann…?

    If Not Now, Then When…?
    Jos ei nyt, niin milloin?
    Director: Jens Rosemann
    Country: Germany
    Year: 2021
    Genre: Animation
    Duration: 4 min

    On a beautiful summer day, Sven is finally going to take the plunge: to jump from the ten-metre board. But first a shower. Now he’s ready, but … perhaps better tomorrow?