Democracy in Danger 2: Citizens in Action

Thought-provoking short films about the power of citizen activism.

Language: Eng Duration: 81 min Age Limit: 12+

  • Kuinka metsä pelastetaan

    How to Save a Forest
    Director: Elokapina / Extinction Rebellion Finland
    Country: Finland
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Documentary
    Duration: 8 min

    The Finnish state intended to cut down the Talaskangas forest. Instead, Talaskangas became a nature reserve. What happened?

  • Freedom Swimmer

    Director: Olivia Martin-McGuire
    Country: France, Australia
    Year: 2021
    Genre: Animation, Documentary
    Duration: 15 min

    The story of a grandfather’s perilous swim from China to Hong Kong that parallels his granddaughter’s own quest for a new freedom.

  • Flores del otro patio

    Director: Jorge Cadena
    Country: Switzerland, Colombia
    Year: 2022
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 16 min

    In northern Colombia, a group of queer activists use their extravagance to denounce the disastrous exploitation of the largest coal mine in Colombia through performative actions.

  • Cosmonauts

    Director: Danila Gulin
    Country: Russia
    Year: 2020
    Genre: Experimental, Documentary
    Duration: 13 min

    A film about law enforcement officers who have received an order to disperse a peaceful rally. We follow how they cope with this dilemma, what they feel and think, thanks to a combination of different techniques taken from varied genres of music videos and documentaries.

  • Mustiin panttereihin kuuluvia naisia iloisena nauramassa keskenään.

    Black Panthers

    Mustat pantterit
    Director: Agnès Varda
    Country: France, United States
    Year: 1968
    Genre: Documentary
    Duration: 29 min
    Age Limit:

    Agnès Varda turns her camera on an Oakland demonstration against the imprisonment of activist and Black Panthers cofounder Huey P. Newton. In addition to evincing Varda’s fascination with her adopted surroundings and her empathy, this perceptive short is also a powerful political statement.