Awarded Films 4: Best of Generation XYZ

Language: Eng Duration: 83 min Age Limit: TBA

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  • Keski-ikäinen mies halaa varovasti jalkalamppua, keski-ikäinen nainen halaa polvillaan huonekalua. Heidän takanaan nuori nainen istuu ilmeettömänä sohvalla.

    Se dit d'un cerf qui quitte son bois

    Said of a Deer That Sheds Its Antlers
    Kuin sarvensa pudottava peura
    Director: Salomé Crickx
    Country: Belgium
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 20 min

    Today is the 167th annual moult, a ceremony to promote ideological renewal. This year, in this countryside village, it is Ben and his parents' turn to experience the moult.

    Said of a Deer That Sheds Its Antlers was awarded the prize for Best Genre Film in the Generation XYZ Competition.