What Kind of Expertise Will the Audiovisual Industry Need in the 2030s?

Thu 7.3. | 16:00–17:30 | Industry Centre: Vooninki | In Finnish

The audiovisual industry is undergoing a transformation, facing new challenges. Productions are brought to Finland and Tampere all the way from abroad, yet recent graduates may not always find work in the field. Sensitive to economic conditions, the industry suffers simultaneously from a shortage of specific professionals and unemployment. Topics of discussion amongst people in the audiovisual sector include the requirements of versatile skills versus specialised expertise, developing personal intellectual property, internationalisation, the use of AI as part of productions and social responsibility as a metric that guides the work. What is it like for recent graduates/freelancers to work in such a field, and how can they prepare for the changing future?

The panel consists of five top-level experts from the deep end of their areas of expertise: Senior Lecturer in Business and Media, Project Manager Kai Salonen from Tampere University of Applied Sciences; Project Manager Roosa Tikanoja from APFI’s audiovisual industry’s sustainability project, Avaus; CEO Emma Ilves from the audiovisual sector’s production and personnel service Blockbuster Gang; and Hanna Vuorinen, founder of the consulting and development collective Media Minds. The panel will be moderated by Programme Director Fanny Heinonen from Film Tampere.

The panel is organised by Film Tampere, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere Vocational College Tredu and AV UP – New Talent for the Audiovisual Sector project (ESR+).


You can watch the recording of the event on Vimeo.


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