Serial Cards

Reclaiming screening tickets

  • Screening tickets can be collected at online shop and ticket outlets starting from 14 February and festival’s ticket booths starting from 4 March.
  • Programme catalogues can be collected from the festival’s own ticket booths starting from 4 March.
  • Tickets can be reclaimed with the code which is printed on the ticket. Once you’ve purchased the serial card, you’ll receive more specific directions of reclaiming the tickets.

Terms & Conditions

  • Serial cards are valid until 10 March 2024.
  • Serial card tickets are not personal so you can share the ticket package with friends if you wish.
  • It’s possible to pay serial cards with culture vouchers at ticket outlets and on the online shop for culture vouchers. Please note that in that case screening tickets are only for personal use.
  • Please note that serial card tickets are valid only for on-site events of the festival. Online tickets will be sold at a different platform in March 2024.
  • In case of cancellation of the on-site festival, the serial card is valid for the 2025 festival or the money will be refunded by
  • Ticket exchanges or refunds are not possible unless an event has been cancelled. Please note that only the price of the ticket will be refunded, not the order fee or delivery costs.
  • The Festival will follow the recommendations and guidance of the health and welfare authorities and will update the practices as needed.
  • Tampere Film Festival recommends the festival audience to purchase tickets safely either through the official ticket sales partner Lippupiste or at the festival’s own ticket booths. When buying through these services, we can guarantee the price and validity of the tickets and their equivalent seats.