Script – Scenes Written by Students

Fri 8.3. | 9:00 | Cine Atlas 1 | Free entry | Age Limit: 12+

The screening consists of film scenes written by students. These scenes deal with issues from the students’ own lives, as many of them are based on real events. In addition to these scenes, we will see film compilations, made by students from Tampere and all around Finland. This includes a compilation from the Kaikki kuvaa competition. The screening consists of four compilations each lasting approx. 15 minutes, and in between them, the film makers will talk about their films and their experiences in making them. The screening is concluded by the short film Into the Blue from 2017, directed by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic.

The screening is free and open for everyone. Classes that were involved in making the films will participate in the screening.

Into the Blue, 2017