PEK – Film as a Tool

The Pirkanmaa Film Centre (PEK) has promoted cinema since 1982. Organising various workshops is an integral part of the film centre’s operation. Film as a Tool screenings present films made at the workshops.

PEK Film as a Tool 1: Trash Films

Tue 5.3. | 12:00-14:00 | Cine Atlas 1 | Language: Finnish | Free entry

Recycling and consumption has been on young people’s minds on the ninth edition of Trash Films. Habits of taking out the trash, fast fashion, buying clothes online and microplastics are raised as subjects in the project produced by Pirkanmaa Film Centre and made possible by Pirkanmaan jätehuolto. The film makers come from secondary schools and high schools around Pirkanmaa. Vital and serious topics are approached with bravery and humour.

PEK – Film as a Tool 2: Short Films from the Spectrum

Tue 5.3. | 18:00-19:00 | Cine Atlas 1 | Language: Finnish | Free entry

Tampereen seudun autismiyhdistys TSAU ry and Pirkanmaa Film Centre have recently been in close collaboration. This screening consists of two films: a horror film, and a film that contemplates the meaning of boat travel during a century. The heart of the film is the steam boat Tarjanne and its passengers in different eras.

PEK Film as a Tool 3: Short Films from Specialised Youth Work

Tue 5.3. | 19:00-20:00 | Cine Atlas 1 | Language: Finnish | Free entry

Tapsa is a soon-retiring professional of specialised youth work in the congregation of Nokia. The screening depicts the work he has done during the years with Pirkanmaa Film Centre. 

The projects have produced tens of films. Tapsa has challenged both himself and the members of Pirkanmaa Film Centre to a mode of working, where people of different backgrounds have been met with confidence and kindness. 

In the production of these films, experiences of success have been sought for participants within very challenging groups. The films have been made in small groups of children with special needs, in vocational colleges, among the elderly, with people in treatment for mental health issues, as well as with young adults without education and employment. Tapsa himself often acts in different kinds of roles in the films. The screening includes films from along the years, and stories from the process of making these films are also shared.

Photo: Jeffrey Mayeda