FAQ: Festhome TV

Watching Films 

Can I watch films with a mobile device?
Festhome works with a web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge). You can watch the films with a mobile device, tablet or a computer as long as they have a web browser. Customers have experienced problems using the Safari browser, please use other browsers if possible.

We recommend that you test Festhome TV on your own device by watching the free Tampere Film Festival trailer. To start the trailer, click on the button “Get session ticket 0 €.” No bank card details or other payment service is required to watch the trailer.

I have problems watching a film. 

  • Please try opening Incognito / Private browsing mode on your browser.
  • Please try emptying the temporary cache memory (browsing data). (How this is done is located in varying  places on different browsers, for example: Settings -> History -> Clear Browsing Data
  • If you are watching films on a computer that has a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, you might need to switch it off.
  • We also recommend checking that your internet connection is working properly. Please try sharing the internet connection from your phone, by turning on your mobile hotspot.
  • Please make sure you have switched off ad-blocking.

What does “This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 232011)” mean?
This means the browser could not reach the video file. The page has most likely been open and inactive for too long. Reloading the page usually fixes this. In some cases, it may be that some features are not supported on older browsers or some settings or firewalls may prevent loading the film. Please try changing your browser.

Can I watch films outside of Finland?
Unfortunately not unless you’re an accredited guest.

I would like to watch films with my Smart TV, but I’m experiencing difficulties with this.
Unfortunately, not all Smart TVs support certain copyright features on Festhome TV. If you are able to access the film on another device (e.g. computer or tablet), please try connecting the device to your TV with, for example, a HDMI cable or Chromecast.

What can I do if the sound is out of sync with the picture?
If the sound is out of sync (for example due to bad internet connection), please try skipping forward a few seconds.


Can I watch films / screenings several times?
A single ticket allows you to watch a film/screening as many times as you wish within the 24 hour period. With an online pass, you can watch an unlimited number of available screenings between 6 and 17 March.

How long is the ticket valid for?
A single ticket for one online screening is valid for 24 hours immediately after purchase. For tickets purchased from pre-sale, the 24 hour period in which to watch the screening begins the moment the code is entered into Festhome TV.

Can I buy two tickets to the same screening?
Unfortunately you cannot buy two tickets for the same screening at the same time with one email address. If you would like to buy another ticket to the same screening, you need to register to Festhome TV using another email account or wait until the 24 hour period to watch the screening has ended. If you would like to buy multiple tickets for the same screening, please contact films@tff.fi.

I have problems buying the ticket. 

  • Please make sure that you have registered and logged in to Festhome TV. Please check the instructions here.
  • Customers have experienced problems using the Safari browser, please use other browsers if possible.
  • Please make sure you have allowed both internet and international payments on your bank / credit card.

Why has the “Buy session” button disappeared from the screening page?
The ”Buy session” button is only visible on the actual screening page, not on the page with the listing of all screenings. If the button is not visible on the screening page, it is because you have already bought a ticket for that screening. In this case, the following message will appear on the page: “You already have a ticket for this film”.

You can also find the list of bought tickets as well as the receipt by clicking on the “profile picture” at the top right-hand corner of the page and by choosing ”Purchases” from the drop-down menu (5th from the top).

Where can I find my purchased tickets?
When you are logged into Festhome TV, you are automatically able to watch the screenings you have bought tickets for. Please go to the screening page (Programme Search -> choose the desired screening). By clicking the “Watch” button on the screening page, you will be able to watch the screening.

You can also find the list of bought tickets as well as the receipt by clicking on the “profile picture” at the top right-hand corner of the page and by choosing ”Purchases” from the drop-down menu (5th from the top).

Can I return a ticket?
Unfortunately it is not possible to return a ticket or get a refund on Festhome TV, all purchases are final. Please make sure before payment that you have chosen the correct screening.

Is it possible to buy a serial card?
Unfortunately it is not possible to buy serial cards on the Festhome TV platform. Instead of single tickets, it is possible to buy an online pass (80 €) which gives you unlimited access to all screenings on Festhome TV between 6–17 March.

How long is the online pass valid for?
Online Pass is valid from 6 March to 17 March (11:59pm, UTC+2:00).



How can I select the subtitles in a screening? 

  1. Please start watching the film.
  2. Please click the CC button at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Please choose the subtitle language from the menu.

Please note that the language options vary depending on the film. There are several screenings with no English or Finnish subtitles.

With some films, there may be sections of subtitles visible under the subtitling language you have chosen from the CC button. This is due to the fact that the film file has burnt-in subtitles which cannot be removed. This is not a technical issue with Festhome TV or your device.

Please note! The Safari browser may sometimes display subtitle options incorrectly. In this case, please test all the language options until you find the language you want.


Need help?

Should you require further assistance, please contact our staff: films@tff.fi

You can also contact Festhome TV with payment and technical issues. You will find a “technical support” button at the top right-hand corner of the festhome-page, which will open a window where you can write your question and send it to Festhome.