Democracy in Danger Seminar

Wed 6.3. | 12:00–16:00 | Tampere University, Linna-building K103 | In Finnish | Free Entry


On the opening day of Tampere Film Festival, 6.3.2024, Democracy Research Network of Tampere University holds the Democracy in Danger Seminar. The seminar is held from 12:00 to 16:00 in the Tampere University’s Linna building, K103. The purpose of the seminar is to present the varied democracy research done in Tampere University and the differing perspectives into how democracy is currently in danger. In the seminar, researchers from different fields speak about the dangers facing democracy from the perspectives of their own research. The seminar is held in Finnish. The seminar is organised in collaboration of Democracy Research Network of Tampere University and Tampere Film Festival. It is part of the Democracy in Danger programme.



12:15–12:20 Opening Statements, Anni Jäntti

12:20–13:05 The Planetary Crisis of Democracy

  • Arto Laitinen: Planetary Crisis as an Objective Growing Force for Non-Democratic Ideologies
  • Lauri Lahikainen: Democracy in a Climate Emergency
  • Sauli Havu & Danika Harju: Capitalism as a Threat to Democracy

13:05–13:50 Taming of the Rule of the People: knowledge, power and inequality, Sonja Helkala leading the session

  • Tuukka Tomperi: Thinking Form of Life or the Dictatorship of the Majority?
  • Mikko Poutanen: Forms of Knowledge and Democracy: The Power of Numbers in Politics
  • Ilkka Ruostetsaari: Can the Elites and Democracy Co-Exist?

13:50–14:10 Break

14:10–14:55 Politics and Governance as Medicine and Poison for Democracy, Lauri Lahikainen leading the session

  • Matias Heikkilä: Depolitisation – The Politics of Narrowing the Political Space
  • Anni Jäntti: Renewing Goverment: Threat or Possibility for Democracy?
  • Tuomas Tervasmäki: Democracy in the Universities: The Crisis of Representative Democracy and Self-Governance of Universities

14:55–15:40 Fear, Anger and Ignorance in Democracy, Matias Heikkilä leading the session

  • Sonja Helkala: Fear, Loathing and Passion: What Do Political Emotions Do to Democracy?
  • Paula Haara: Hate Speech Erodes the Foundations and Central Values of Democracy
  • Jaana Parviainen: Disinformation Corroding Democracy

15:40–16:00 Discussion and Summing Up, Lauri Lahikainen