Konsta Fed’s ‘goofy-foot’ is the winner of the VJ Competition 2021

Konsta Fed has won the first VJ Competition organized by Tampere Film Festival with the work goofy-foot. The competition was held in Tampere at Media and light event Projio 21–26 October and the line-up featured five invited visual artists and VJ’s: Arttu Nieminen, VJ Hellstone (Hannu Hellstén), VJ Visukisu (Ilona Lehtonen), VJ Vixen (Paula Lehtonen) and the winner Konsta Fed (Konstantin Fedorov).

The winner was chosen by audience vote. The viewers got to rate the videos on a scale of 1 to 5, and goofy-foot by Konsta Fed was the winner with the average 3,9. 

For the win, the designer gets a 400€ reward and invitation to perform at Tampere Film Festival in March 2022, when the artist gets to make a live-projection in a central outdoor location.

Inspired by urban culture

The idea for goofy-foot came to Fed with the competition brief, which included hints of the themes of Tampere Film Festival 2022: 

 In skateboarding, they divide people to regular and goofies, who are more comfortable skating with the right leading foot. I am goofy, and all people in the work are goofies, including the astronaut. Also, I wanted to unite this idea with urban culture and urbanism in general. Hence main texture is concrete with splashes of sunlight coming from behind, the winner explains.  

Fed is working as a freelance Visual and Motion Designer, and has years of experience with CGI techniques and especially 3D design. At Tampere Film Festival their work has been seen earlier in 2020, when Fed’s projection mapping visuals were decorating Tampere Cathedral and the old customs hall Tullikamari to celebrate the festival’s 50th anniversary. 

In projection mapping and VJ projects, Fed enjoys using building structures in an abstract manner. The current VJ Competition also encouraged them to go for something unusual, since all the works were pre-recorded. Usually VJ projections are created and performed live, which will be the case at Tampere Film Festival 2022, when we will have the pleasure to see a new visual design by the talented artist.

Konsta Fed’s Procetion Mapping at Tampere Film Festival 2020,  photo: Kimmo Siniluoto

About the artist

Konsta Fed has been working as a freelance visual designer and motion designer for several years and has experience with creating Print, Motion Graphic Design and experimenting with 3D art and projection mappings. Fed completed BA degree in Media and Arts at TAMK in 2020 with specialisation in Interactive Media. Remaining interested in CGI and Motion Design, he is aiming to continue experimenting with New Media techniques and practical application for interactive narratives.

See more: https://www.konstafed.com/