Short films for short days – Finnish Short Film Day is on 21 December

Around the shortest day of the year, international Short Film Day is celebrated on 21 December. The event is not limited to one day though, as short films will be celebrated from 14 to 21 December. During the week you can enjoy short films on YLE, in cinemas and at various pop-up screenings.

The event, which originated from France, aims to increase the visibility of short films and to bring short film screenings closer to every film lover. Short Film Day also gives people an opportunity to organise their own screenings. The venue and possible guests can be chosen by the individual, and Short Film Day offers the films free of charge.

Kolme naista vierekkäin, joista keskimmäinen on pukeutunut Neitsyt Mariaksi.
I’ve only just begun (2013), Elias Koskimies.

In addition to Tampere Film Festival, the event in Finland is organised by Yle, The Centre for Finnish Media Art, The Finnish Film Foundation, Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy, Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival, Turku Animated Film Festival, IhmeFilmi and Azh Boyzz. It is funded by The Finnish Film Foundation.

Pop up packages deal with animation, siblinghood and having an incurable itch to travel

If you don’t want to go to a cinema or an event organised by others, you can organise a screening yourself! Short Film Day offers the public the opportunity to organise a pop-up event, where they can choose the venue. In previous years screenings have taken place in libraries, schools, art and culture centres, bars and living rooms. Short Film Day offers films free of charge, but you must have your own equipment. The simplest way to watch films is to use your own mobile phone.

The organisers of the pop-up screenings can choose from seven different film packages. The packages include a wide range of short films, with two packages aimed specifically at children and young people.

The film packages of 2023:

  • SES: Oh brothers and sisters, where are you?
    • The short film package curated by the Finnish Film Foundation showcases four films about siblinghood. The package includes both fiction and documentaries. 
  • TAFF: Games X Animation
    • The film package curated by Turku Animated Film Festival includes five animated films with gaming themes.
  • R&A Shorts – National Competition: Best Student films
    • Four student films from the years 2020-2023 that were awarded in the national competition of the Love & Anarchy film festival. The package includes both fiction and documentaries. 
  • AV-arkki: Change of Scenery
    • The films from a package curated by AV-arkki (The Centre for Finnish Media Art) deal with the feeling of having an incurable itch to travel. The package includes 8 films.
  • Finnish Short Film Day presents: Best of the Open Screen category
    • For the first time ever, the best short films in the Open Screen category will be presented in one package. The selection was made by Elina Vitkala and Teemu Saarinen of the Short Film Day working group, who chose six films from 111 submission. The themes range from family relationships to a future climate disaster.
  • Oulu’s International Children’s and Youth Film Festival: animations aimed for children
    • Curated by the Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival, the package includes three animated films for children. The age limit of the film package is 7 years.
  • IhmeFilmi: Mull’ on lupa
    • Producer of IhmeFilmi, Elina Vitkala, has put together a package of seven short films that deal with ideas of humanity and the society around us. The package includes a free Finnish study material.

Registration for the pop-up events is open, and film packages can still be picked up during the event week.

Nainen, jonka kasvoilla on vaalea kasvonaamio ja silmien päällä kurkkusiivut.
Polkupyörävaras (2022), Pekka Ollula.

Open Screen received over 100 short films

New to this year is the Open Screen category, where anyone could submit their own short film. Both amateurs and experienced filmmakers were encouraged to participate.

During October 2023, Short Film Day received a total of 111 films, from which a selection of six films was curated. The selection was made by Elina Vitkala and Teemu Saarinen of the Short Film Day working group.

The Open Screen package is available for anyone to order during the week of Short Film Day 14-21 December 2023. The diverse film package includes comedy-drama, sci-fi, animation and more experimental films.

Further information and a registration form to host a pop-up event can also be found on the Short Film Day website. For cinema screenings, public pop-up events and full details of Short Film Day packages, visit the event website.