Open Call for VJ Competition: 15 August–24 September

Tampere Film Festival’s second live competition for video jockeys is open for submissions. The VJ competition is open for all video jockeys and visual artists living in Finland, and the competition can be joined by sending a demo video for pre-selection via FilmFreeway. The competition is open during 15 August–24 September and participating is free. After the pre-selections, four contestants will be chosen to the final competition held in media and light event Projio in Tampere on Saturday 21 October 2023, and the winner will be chosen by the Competition Jury.

The main prize of the competition is 600 euros and each finalist will also get a participation fee of 300 euros.

Competition info and instructions for applying: VJ Competition 2023

The competition venue is Väinö Linna square in the historical Finlayson Area, where the finalists will be mixing and projecting their visuals in front of a live audience. The competition aims at promoting VJ culture and Visual Jockeys to wider audiences and creating space for live visuals in the public urban space. The competition itself is not meant to be too serious – the main thing is to enjoy the exciting and supporting atmosphere. 

Live Competition for VJ was held for the first time in Tampere in October 2023 with four finalists: VJ Indigo (Juha Forsander), VJ Mikko Lappi, VJ SELLEK (Tommi Mustaniemi) and VJ Teemu Raudaskoski. VJ SELLEK won the main prize of the competition and VJ Indigo was nominated as the audience’s favourite VJ.

The audience looking at live visuals
The audience of VJ Competition 2022 at Väinö Linnan aukio. Photo: Kimmo Siniluoto