VJ Competition

The final of Tampere Film Festival’s VJ Competition 2023 was held on Saturday 21 October at the Media and Light Event Projio, where four video jockeys presented their visuals in front of a live audience at Väinö Linna square. The event was open and free of charge, and attracted hudreds of people to enjoy live visual art. Both the Jury and the audience selected AnniMurtosaariArt as the winner of the competition.

The submission for the competition was open during 15 August–24 September. Amongst all applicants, the Competition Jury selected four video jockeys to the final live competition. The Jury members of the competition are Hannu Hellsten (VJ Hellstone), Suvi Parrilla (VJ SSuvereeni) and Teemu Raudaskoski (VJ QI).

The finalists of VJ Competition 2023:

Twilight Courier

Congratulations to the winner and thanks to all participants!



Submission for pre-selections 15 Aug – 24 Sep (closed)
Announcing the finalists 2 Oct
Live competition in Tampere 21 Oct at the Media and Light Event Projio


Main Prize of 600 euros
Participation Reward of 300 euros for each finalist
+ Audience Award

The winner will be chosen by a Jury set by Tampere Film Festival

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VJ KeFF (Ville Konttinen) is an illustrator and visual artist who has been working as a VJ for over ten years as part of the interdisciplinary SWÄG collective based in Tampere. VJ KeFF’s visual style draws inspiration from pixel art and analog techniques, including CRT televisions, video mixers, and VHS tapes. More recently, digital elements have become part of the work as well.

What inspired you to join the VJ-competition?

“I applied to the competition because I felt it was a perfect fit for my current VJ style and setup. The competition offers an opportunity to showcase what I can do to a wider audience and provides an exciting challenge to compete with other talented VJs. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work on a large canvas, which I can fill with my gigantic pixels!”


VJ-kilpailun finalisti monautomaton.


Monautomaton (Monika Hauck) is a Canadian-Polish new media artist, VJ, and musician based in Helsinki. Hauck has been crafting immersive experiences for live performances, festivals, and installations since 2015 and has exhibited and performed in Canada, Mexico, and Finland.

What inspired you to join the VJ-competition?

“I thoroughly enjoy live events and opportunities that challenge my sensibilities as an artist and a VJ. This is the perfect opportunity to help me establish myself as a VJ and New Media Artist in Finland. After I complete my studies I intend to pursue more frequent opportunities as a VJ, installation and performing artist, so this is the perfect challenge to try some new visual ideas in a live context. I also always like to try and anticipate which technical difficulties will arise that I can improvise my way through!”

VJ-kilpailun finalisti Twilight Courier.

Twilight Courier

Twilight Courier is a visual accompanist, mixing your techno fantasies.”

Twilight Courier particularly inspired by the Night – the night sky and the silhouettes of trees, and the poetry it entails. In his VJ work, he often blends glitch-style patterns.

What inspired you to join the VJ-competition?

“I’m still sort of new to VJing actually, but I had so many different people tell me about this competition and the idea of a VJ competition seemed so cool and so much fun!

This is my first time projection mapping over a building. I’m pretty keen to experiment with projection mapping though and learn about that sort of effect. I want to see what everyone else came up with for the contest! I think people will have prepared some beautiful themes for this.”

VJ-kilpailun finalisti AnniMurtosaariArt.


Anni Murtosaari, also known as annimurtosaariart, Dekoneko or Voeman Decotiimi has been working with events decorations during 10 years, which has also inspired the artist to start VJing. As a VJ and content creator, AnniMurtosaariArt is inspired by automation, interactivity, generativity, and the mathematical beauty behind all things audiovisual.

What inspired you to join the VJ-competition?

“My friend suggested that I should enter. I looked at my rather full calendar and realized that the live competition day coincided with the only free weekend of the month, so why not!

I hope that there will be many people watching the live competition and enjoying the audiovisual spectacle. It’s nice to get a gig in Tampere and get to know new people.”


Tampere Film Festival’s VJ Competition 2022 featured four talented video artists: VJ Indigo (Juha Forsander), VJ Mikko Lappi, VJ SELLEK (Tommi Mustaniemi), and VJ Teemu Raudaskoski. The Main Prize was handed to VJ SELLEK by the competition Jury and VJ Indigo got the Audience Award.

Competition Jury 2022: Hannu Hellstén (VJ Hellstone), Ilona Lehtonen  (VJ Visukisu) ja Kai Niinimäki (Finlayson Area).

The finalists will perform their visuals live on-site following the DJ’s music.


DJ Serial Kitty was the selector in ’22 live competition.

VJ SELLEK & VJ Mikko Lappi in the mixing cabin (Photos: Kimmo Siniluoto)


The VJ Competition is organised by Tampere Film Festival in collaboration with Projio, Stereo:ID and Finlayson Area
The event is made possible by Varma Pension Insurance Company.

Other supporters of the 2023 competition are JakopalveluPanimoravintola PlevnaBarbusLippu.fi and Finnkino.

Thanks to all partners!