Online Screenings on Festhome TV

The films of the International Competition, National Competition, and Generation XYZ Competition with a few exceptions are available online 6–17 March.

Online Screening tickets can be purchased on Festhome TV (Please note: not at the festival’s ticket outlets). You can either buy a single ticket which is valid for 24 hours to the screening of your choice or a festival pass which gives you unlimited access to the screenings between 6–17 March.

Festhome TV operates in English and its use requires registration. You can find more detailed instructions on how to use the service on our Online Screenings page.

Online Screening prices:

  • Single ticket 8 €
  • Festival Pass 80 €

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  • The festival’s accredited guests will be able to watch the films worldwide on Festhome TV until 31 March.
  • The following films are not available on Festhome TV, or have a time limit:

Not at all viewable:

International Competition 2: Afloat
The River That Never Ends

International Competition 9: Family Ties
L’été des chaleurs

Viewing time for paying customers 6–10 March. Normal viewing for accredited customers.

International Competition 9: Family Ties
La Saison Pourpre

International Competition 10: Animations
Wander to Wonder
Flower Show
Nun Or Never!

National Competition 9: Shorts
Nun Or Never!

National Competition 10: Shorts
Flower Show