The industry events for the 2024 festival have now been published – accreditation with a discount until 12.2.

We can now reveal all the industry events at the Tampere Film Festival 2024. The exciting industry events programme includes both familiar events from previous years and brand new ones that are definitely worth checking out. Among other things, you can expect interesting panel discussions about the role of short films in the world of cinema, about the role of awards in filmmaking and advice on how and where to sell your own short film.

Professional events are for accredited guests of the Tampere Film Festival. If you have not yet accredited, you should do so now, as our early bird and student discount rates are valid until 12 February. After this, the accreditation fee will increase. You can find the price list and accreditation forms on our website.

Here are some of the industry events of the festival week:


What Are Short Films for?
Thu 7.3. | 16:00–18:00 | Industry Centre: Terde | In English

Many filmmakers began their careers by making short films and then transitioned to creating feature films or TV series. What is the role of short films in the world of cinema? Is it a distinct and important art form on its own or merely a calling card, a way for filmmakers to demonstrate their abilities on their way to making feature-length films?

Do Film Festivals Need Awards?
Thu 7.3. | 13:30–15:30 | Industry Centre: Terde | In English

Competitions and awards are a part of many film festivals. Is it relevant to rank films? Are some films really better than others? What is the use in awarding films? Or is it harmful? What are the differences between films awarded by professional juries and by audiences? In this conversation the subject is discussed from the viewpoints of both the award winner and the representative of the festival.

Where Is The Money?
Fri 8.3. | 12:30–13:30 | Industry Centre: Terde | In English

Your short film is ready. What can you do with it? Could there even be compensation for screening it? How and where can short films be distributed? This event will seek answers and give concrete examples to these questions, among others.

Festivals Meet Filmmakers
Sat 9.3. | 11:00–13:00 | Industry Centre: Terde | In English

Tampere Film Festival invites film festival representatives to meet and talk with filmmakers. A great possibility to network, learn, find new talent and make new friends. 


Details of some events will be updated during February. Please note that some events require registration in advance.

Read the full and detailed industry events programme.