Tampere Film Festival reduced its carbon footprint massively on 2021 online edition

The 51st Tampere Film Festival reduced its carbon footprint massively from the previous year mainly due to its online execution caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.  The online festival reached an audience of 115 000 and reduced the carbon-dioxide emissions by 94,5 %.

The massive drop is mainly achieved by travel bans. Travel emissions, and flights in particular caused 84 % of emissions on the 2020 edition of the festival. In 2021 travel emissions amounted to only 11 % of total emissions. Largest portion, 38,8 % of total emissions in 2021 was caused by festival office space, festival shop and online streaming venues.

The significant drop in emissions and impressive number of online festival goers encourages Tampere Film Festival to continue on the virtual festival path in the future.

Tampere Film Festival collaborates with Compensate in emission calculations and compensation.


Accreditation is open

Accreditation to Tampere Film Festival 2023 is open until Tuesday 7 March. The early bird fees for