Rebel Dykes documentary at Arthouse Cinema Niagara on 18 November

Tampere Film Festival and the Friends of Queer History are hosting a Finnish premiere of Rebel Dykes documentary at Arthouse Cinema Niagara on 18 November.

The film is a raucous story of a community of women in 1980s post-punk London who met doing art, music, politics and sex, and how they went on to change their world by becoming artists, performers, musicians and activists. The screening will be followed by a discussion about the history of Tampere queer activism with Tuula Juvonen and Kirsi Liimatainen. The discussion is in Finnish.


Arthouse Cinema Niagara has an induction loop and two wheelchair seats in the front. The access for the assistant is free. There are a few tresholds and a manual swing door in the entrance, and the staff is ready to help if needed. The venue has an unobstructed toilet.

Rebel Dykes:

 (UK 2021)
Arthouse Cinema Niagara
Thu 18.11. klo 19.30
, K-18
Language: English
Directors: Harri Shanahan & Siân A. Williams
Duration: 92 min