Free-of-charge Moodkino screenings call for discussions

Moodkino-screenings take part in the topical and pressing issue of child and adolescent health. Bullying as well as severe acts of violence have increased, and even death hasn’t been avoided. The need for paediatric psychiatric services has grown all through the 21st century, and there is no change in sight. The Moodkino screenings last one hour each and are designed to provoke conversation. Despite the serious topics the screenings include films that have a positive attitude towards life.

Tampere Film Festival’s Executive Director Laura Laaksonen says:
“ The Moodkino-screenings dealing with mental health issues of the youth hold a special place in my heart. I hope that these screenings would find an audience, for example, through schools and teachers or that young people would take to watching them at home together with their parents.”

Moodkino 1 is aimed at lower secondary school pupils. The French animation Têtard (2019) deals with the relationship between siblings. The next three films all take place at a school: Étouffés (2020) tells about a long-term bullying situation at a Belgian school and its effects on the bullied as well as the bully. Pick (2019) demonstrates how difficult it can be to present oneself as one wants. In the film Toni with an I (2019), the main character can’t find their place in the real world but finds support and understanding in social media.

Moodkino 2 is aimed at pupils in upper secondary schools and vocational schools. Becky’s Weightloss Palace (2020) adopts the style of life hack videos while discussing an eating disorder. Un día (2019) is about siblings living in an unsafe home, about poverty and violence, and ultimately about creativity and sisterly love. In the film Dungarees (2019) we meet young lovers, who prove that in the end other people’s opinions don’t matter. I’m Not Your F***ing Stereotype (2019), in turn, takes a stand on discriminating prejudices.

You can watch the films for free on Festhome TV -platform between 10–21 March. All films are subtitled both in English and in Finnish.

In addition to curated films there will be films which were produced at the film workshops co-organised by Pirkanmaa Cooperative Society and Pirkanmaa Film Centre. The workshops were organized at Lielahti lower secondary school in February 2021. The main topic of the short films made by students was mental health. These films can be seen after March 1oth on the Tampere Film Festival’s Vimeo channel.


Students making an animation. Lielahden koulun oppilaat tekemässä animaatiota.

Picture from the film workshop at Lielahti lower secondary school.
Students creating an animation about schizophrenic tomato.  🎥