National Competition 8: Shorts

A varied selection of short films from our national competition. Stories about living with and without a family, existing in one’s own body, and the ethics of travel films.

Language: Fin, Eng Duration: 108 min Age Limit: 12+

  • An Uncountable Number of Threads

    Lukematon määrä lankoja
    Director: Iona Roisin
    Country: Finland
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Experimental, Documentary
    Duration: 22 min

    Travel films have an established format with their own conventions, history and baggage. Comprised of footage from group excursions across Russia in 2019, the film is an attempt to draw out the ethical restrictions of a travelogue, while questioning how (and why) to go about making one.

  • Viisi lasta istuvat kesäisen omakotitalon pihalla ja katsovat taivaalle.

    Rituaali sateenkaarelle

    Ritual for the Rainbow
    Director: Sami Sänpäkkilä
    Country: Finland
    Year: 2024
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 19 min

    A story about four preteens who live outside of society's safety nets due to domestic violence. They lack role models and authority figures until they meet a Wiccan who organizes rituals to teach them confidence and how to combat violence and patriarchy — for a fee, of course. Candy for life! Magic in color!

  • Piirroskuva auringossa palaneesta miehestä, joka katsoo ylös pelokkaana hikoillen.


    Paddle Boat
    Director: Samppa Kukkonen
    Country: Finland
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Animation
    Duration: 16 min

    A foolish man leaves his family on the shore and travels through humanity's mistakes on a rickety paddle boat.

  • Lähikuva käsistä, jotka pitelevät älypuhelinta, jonka näytöllä on piirroskuva sammakkoa esittelevästä deittisovelluksesta.

    Äidin kanssa Tinderissä

    On Tinder with Mummy
    Director: Catarina Diehl
    Country: Finland
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Animation, Documentary
    Duration: 10 min

    9-year-old Iida's parents fought so much, she should have called the police. Now they've finally divorced and she is helping Mummy find a new man on Tinder.

  • Rajapinta

    Director: Anna Kekkonen
    Country: Finland
    Year: 2023
    Genre: Documentary
    Duration: 21 min

    A documentary about four people and their unique experiences in a water environment where they can move their body freely or use their senses differently than on land. Each of them has some disability or illness. They raise thoughts about the importance of their own experience on finding their own boundaries and independence.

  • MIes ja nainen istuvat tiiliseinän vieressä pöydän ääressä ja tupakoivat katsomatta toisiaan.

    Isän Mäyrä

    My Father´s Badger
    Director: Sameli Muurimäki
    Country: Finland
    Year: 2024
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 20 min

    Maarit, 45, has been attending her father's funeral in her childhood hometown, but now it's time to return back to Thailand. On the day of departure, Maarit finds her bad-tempered mother Sylvi, 70, and her father's taxidermy badger in a shabby bar.