How is Social Sustainability Present in Our Actions?

  • We recruit persons of varied backgrounds into our staff, juries and festival board.
  • We follow the safer space principles in all our undertakings.
  • We want to facilitate the equal opportunities of taking part in the festival by offering online and free screenings each year.
  • We strive to provide diverse job opportunities for local entrepreneurs and businesses alongside long-term partnerships. In our acquisitions and collaborations, we favour local and independent, responsible businesses.
  • We draft written employment contracts, and require and uphold work safety.
  • The majority of our public relations material is in two languages, Finnish and English.
  • In our public relations material and imagery, we take into account people with diverse backgrounds.
  • We strive to improve the festival’s overall accessibility. All festival venues are either fully accessible or have assisted accessibility options. Please let us know if you detect any problems regarding accessibility:
  • Each year, we donate to varied charities.
  • In our programming, we highlight human rights and minorities. We screen diverse and social films from all over the world.
  • At our events, we consider health and safety aspects and follow the latest recommendations and guidelines.
Safer Space Principles

How is Environmental Sustanaibility Present in Our Actions?

  • We avoid single-use culture. We favour rental, loan and recycle services or invest in long-term acquisitions. Whenever possible, the festival’s public relations materials are designed to be as long-lived as possible. Our event marketing is focused on online marketing channels and we print hardcopies only when absolutely needed.
  • We avoid the unnecessary wasting of energy, water and natural resources both in our festival office as well as at the festival venues. Waste is recycled at all our venues and the amount of general and food waste is minimised.
  • Only vegetarian food is served at the festival’s own functions and we require vegan options from our partner restaurants.
  • For both our guests and staff, we recommend that they avoid flying and favour public transport. The festival provides transport locally only.
  • We compensate for the festival’s carbon footprint. We promote environmental themes in the festival’s programming. We take a stand and endeavour to increase people’s awareness about the state of nature and the environment.

What Sustainable Actions Do We Expect from Our Guests?

  • We recommend arriving at the festival either on foot, by bike, by public transport or carpooling.
  • Please do not take festival brochures or other printed materials needlessly. Please keep hold of the materials throughout the festival.
  • Please bring your own lanyard with you. If that is not possible, please return the lanyard provided by the festival to the assigned boxes located at the festival venues and festival hotel.
  • We encourage our returning volunteers to hold on to their festival T-shirts and to reuse the same shirt in future years.
  • Please do not leave any promotional material at our venues.
  • Please recycle all waste according to instructions.
  • Please remember the health safety: stay home if you’re ill, maintain proper hand hygiene, and cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing.
  • Please get to know the safer space principles and act accordingly. Please take action and notify the festival staff if you notice or witness any misconduct at any point during the festival. The harassment contact person is Riina Mikkonen ( / tel +358 44 476 5203).

Our Future Goals

Our goal is to minimise the festival’s environmental footprint even without compensation. We pay special attention to the development of monitoring methods and strive to improve our results each year. We also look for additional resources with which to develop responsible action.

We recognise that the accessibility of our event is not flawless and aim to make future choices in a manner which takes into account any potential problems and strives to resolve them.