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United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service, more familiarly known as UPS, has been the official logistics sponsor of Tampere Film Festival for many years. The company is a long-term supporter of film festivals and a well-known partner in the film industry. For UPS Finland customers, the festival is an annual meeting point to have a glass of sparkling and enjoy a custom-made film screening with colleagues.

Himo Brewhouse

Himo is a recent reinforcement in the Tampere Film Festival family and they have taken it upon themselves to help the festival goers quench their thirst. Himo is an independent brewhouse in the heart of Pirkkala that brews craft beer to suit both Finnish and foreign taste buds. With passion. FYI – if you’re not a native Finnish speaker, himo means lust.


Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute has long collaborated with Tampere Film Festival within the framework of their vocational study programme in Media. From the early 2000s the students have been making videos at the festival and gained practical experience from their field of study. Over the years the strong cooperation between StadinAO and Tampere Film Festival has produced the festival e.g. interviews with filmmakers and festival guests and videos showing festival highlights.

Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa

In co-operation with Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa we offer film festival experiences for S Group customer-owners. We have also organised filmmaking workshops for youth for several years as a part of our co-operation. At the 2020 festival the young filmmakers were telling their stories about the climate crisis and in 2021 and 2022 they explored mental health in cinematic ways. The films created in the workshops were screened as a part of the festival programme.

The Good Guys Kombucha

The festival brings you refreshing kombucha culture and furry friends.

The local artisan kombucha is brewed by The Good Guys Kombucha in the heart of Pirkanmaa and it has delighted the Tampere Film Festival goers for several years. The company’s mission is to promote a culture where people spend more time together and respect nature and human well-being which is what we aim to do together each festival at a time.