Opening Screening

The opening of TFF 2024 will be celebrated with a varied selection of celebrated short films.

Language: Fin, Eng Duration: 71 min Age Limit: 12+

  • Last Day

    Viimeinen päivä
    Director: Cyprien Clément-Delmas
    Country: France, Spain
    Year: 2021
    Genre: Experimental, Documentary
    Duration: 9 min

    An immersive and experimental short film documenting the strange and tense atmosphere in Washington D.C. on January 20th, 2021.

  • Limites

    Director: Simon de Diesbach
    Country: Switzerland
    Year: 2022
    Genre: Experimental, Animation
    Duration: 8 min

    In a forest he digitized, Simon runs. Within an autobiographical narrative where the images were entirely captured in the forest of Chaney in Switzerland, running embodies the intimate link between the protagonist and the forest, a forest that is now being destroyed by a gravel pit.

  • Sängyllä makaa nainen vakavan näköisenä, toisessa sieraimessaan paperituppo verenvuotoa tyrehdyttämään.

    Kapuiti mijov

    Crossing the Blue
    Yli sinisen
    Director: Victoria Aleksanyan
    Country: Armenia, The Netherlands, United States
    Year: 2022
    Genre: Fiction
    Duration: 13 min

    Anoush, an emigrant, who fled post-soviet Armenia from her abusive husband, is facing eventual deportation years later...

  • Animaationainen katsoo puhelintaan ja pitelee sylissään kilpikonnaa.

    Kaikki äitini puhelut

    All My Mom's Phone Calls
    Director: Iiti Yli-Harja
    Country: Finland
    Year: 2021
    Genre: Animation, Documentary
    Duration: 11 min
    Age Limit:

    In this chaotic but warm-hearted puppet animation documentary we get to know my 54-year-old mother Maija through her phone calls. We see how she copes with the challenges in her life, like alcoholism, demanding family members, autism and various absurd situations that seem to follow her.

  • Henkilö makaamassa hevosen kärryissä.

    Das Rotohr

    Red Ears
    Korvat punaisina
    Director: Paul Drey
    Country: Germany
    Year: 2022
    Genre: Animation, Documentary
    Duration: 30 min

    13 years after his civil service in a hospital in Thiès, Senegal, Paul challenges his memories and traumas. With old video footage, interviews and animations he questions his role as a volunteer within the German system of development aid.