Brief Encounters for Actors and Directors / Drinks after Dates

Brief Encounters for Actors and Directors

Fri 8.3. | 14:00–17:00 | Industry Centre: Vooninki | In Finnish | Advance Registration

This “speed dating” event brings together actors and directors, allowing them the opportunity to create connections face to face. Each director/producer/casting director will meet with every actor for a few minutes. A fun way to make new acquaintances and work connections!

The event is organised by the Association of Finnish Film Directors (SELO) and Actors in Tampere.

How to register:

Registration for directors.

Directors must confirm their participation by Monday, 4 March. The event is free for directors and producers.

The quota for actors is full.

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Drinks after Dates

Fri 8.3. | 17:00–18:30 | Industry Centre: Vooninki | In Finnish | Advance Registration

Join us for some after-date drinks!

Film Tampere will organise the traditional afterparty following the speed dating event with Actors in Tampere, SELO and the Tampere Film Festival in the early evening of Friday.

Film Tampere wants to provide an opportunity to continue fruitful discussions, connect creators and productions, and meet with actors, producers and directors to hear your latest news. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic bubbly will be available to keep the discussions flowing. Welcome!

The event is only intended for invited guests and Brief Encounter participants. The dress code is casual. 

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