1. Cine Atlas

Koskikeskus, Hatanpään valtatie 1


All entrances to the Koskikeskus Shopping Centre are accessible.

The shopping center is also accessible via lifts. The main entrance to the festival is the entrance of Koskenranta (picture 1) where you will find electric sliding doors and a ramp.

Koskenrannan sisäänkäynti

Cinema and toilets

All auditoriums of Cine Atlas have space for wheelchairs at Cine Atlas. Wheelchair access in auditorium 1 is only possible with the help of staff. Auditoriums 2, 3 and 4 are wheelchair accessible directly from the lobby. Wheelchair spaces are in the front row of the auditorium.

There is one accessible toilet in Cine Atlas. There are more accessible toilets on the 0th and 1st floors of Koskikeskus.

Access to the Shopping Centre

Access from Cine Atlas to the Shopping Centre is via an escalator or elevator. An elevator can be found in the hallway behind the entrance to Cine Atlas.

2. Arthouse Cinema Niagara

Kehräsaari B

Access to the Arthouse Cinema Niagara

The main door of the building is an outward opening glass door. There are two about 5cm high thresholds from the front door to the ticket office and the cinema. Venue staff will assist over thresholds when needed.

Cinema and toilets

There are two wheelchair spaces in the front of the Niagara auditorium. The auditorium has an induction loop. There is no induction loop at the ticket office and on the restaurant side.

There is an accessible toilet in the hallway of the cinema.



3. YO-talo

Kauppakatu 10

The YO-talo can be reached by stairs or a ramp. The door staff assists in the use of the ramp.

Indoors, the upper arch of the hall is not unobstructed. There is not accessible toilet in YO-talo.



4. Väinö Linna square

The information is being updated.


5. Tampereen tuomiokirkko (Tampere Cathedral)

The church hall and street-level facilities are accessible. There is an accessible entrance from Rautatienkatu. A ramp is available during events and as needed. The church hall has an induction loop. Assistance dogs are welcome.


The accessible toilet is located at the back of the church hall, on the left side as seen from the main door. Size approx. 1.7 x 1.7 m.



6. Tullikamarin Klubi

Tullikamarin aukio 2


Both Pakkahuone and Klubi are easily accessible by wheelchair. The main entrance of Pakkahuone is located on the side of the railway station and it is accessible by car.
The main entrance of Klubi on Itsenäisyydenkatu is also easily accessible by wheelchair via a ramp. There is an accessible toilet at Klubi.

Personal assistants usually enter for free with their employers. In addition, we offer escorts for visually impaired customers and customers with reduced mobility who do not use a wheelchair.




7. Festival Shop

Koskikeskus, Hatanpään valtatie (1. kerros, keskusaukio)


Festival Shop is located in the central square of Koskikeskus, next to Linkosuo Café. The shop is accessible via all entrances to Koskikeskus (see Cine Atlas). At the entrances there is an accessible route to the elevator, which allows access to the central square without stairs.


8. Festival Centre: Quest Info, Stage, Factory

Väinö Linnan aukio 13, TR5 (Vooninki)

The information is being updated.