You can now buy tickets by clicking the screening at the programme map. The buy tickets button will take you to page, where you can make the purchase. 

You can read more about the screenings here. All the tickets and serial cards can also be found at

If you have problems with buying tickets online, please contact customer service.

The ticket sales at Tullikamari 2nd floor will be open from February 23rd till March 7th daily at 10 AM – 6 PM. During the festival, tickets are sold at venues.

Prices (starting from)

Serial card: 40€ / 36€ (students)
(inc. 6  normal price [8€] tickets to screenings and catalogue)
Super serial card: 65€/60€
(inc. 10 normal price [8€] tickets to screenings, catalogue and tote bag)
Single screenings: 8€
Award ceremony and screenings of awarded films: 13€
Awarded films: 10€
Schoolkids screening: 2€ (at the door)
Trash & Underground Film Festival: 10 €

How can I buy and use serial card? 

Once you’ve bought the serial card at our webshop, you can reclaim your tickets to the screenings that intrest you. With the regular serial card you’ll be able to reclaim six tickets, and with the super serial card ten tickets. First you need to purchase serial card, then you’ll receive more specific directions to your email in the confirmation info. Once you’ve purchased the serial card, you’ll be able to choose the screenings that interests you the most.

Please note! Serial and superserial cards bought online can only be exchanged into actual tickets for the screenings online, at the webshop.
Serial and superserial cards bought in person from Lippupiste and TFF ticket sales points can only be exchanged into actual tickets for the screenings at the ticket sales points.

Free screenings:

Storm series

* Please get your  Minikino-tickets beforehand from the festival ticket sale offices.

With Veikkaus card two with the price of one for the national screenings:

Finnish Film Archive
Absurdism and New Wave
ELO – New Student Film
Kino Euphoria
National Competition
Jussi Hiltunen
Rake Special
Finland 100 years
WIFT Finland
Awarded feature-length documentary
Pikku Kakkonen 40 years

Does not apply to children’s screenings.

With S-bonus card  5 euros per/person to screening with the prices of 8 euros. Applies to the following screenings: 

– Imagine Native 1
– Imagine Native 2
– Caroline Monnet
– The Lodge
– Angry Inuk
– Reel Injun
– Sámi Filbma
– EFA 1
– EFA 2
– EFA 3

Special price tickets availabe at the festival ticket sales by showing the S-bonus card.

Please note that the special prices are not available in our webshop and they cant’ be combined with other special prices. 

Get your tickets from the following ticket sale venues:
– 23.2.– 7.3. Tullikamari 2. nd floor ticket sale
– 6.–12.3. Siperia square, Finlayson, festival shop
– Film center Niagara, Kehräsaari, B
– Finnkino Plevna, Itäinenkatu 4
– Pakkahuone, Tullikamari quare 2


Minikino tickets available at:
– Pop-up event 22.02 from 12 noon to 3 pm, Pala café, Finlayson.
– From 23.02  Tamperee film festival ticket sales (Tullikamari square 2, 2nd floor, open daily until 7.3. from 10 am to 6 pm).
– Once the festival started, you can get tickets from the Festival shop, next to Pala Café in Finlayson, Siperia. Rest of the tickets at the door of Pakkahuone on Saturday morning. (if there are tickets left)
– The amount of tickets is not limited, you can collect as many as you like.