All the venues of the festival are located in the centre of Tampere and are in walking distance from each other.


Tampere constitutes the northernmost point of the triangle formed by Finland’s three major cities: Tampere, Helsinki and Turku. It is within easy reach: less than two hours by train or by car from both coastal cities and even more conveniently accessible by air, thanks to Tampere’s good flight connections. It is easy to come to Tampere from all over Finland – 2/3 of Finns live within 160 km radius of Tampere.

Tampere is located in Southern Finland some 170 km north-west of Helsinki, capital of the country. Both domestic and international travel connections to Tampere are excellent. The city is within easy reach by air, by land and in summer, even by water!

Tampere’s public transportation takes you where ever you want go within the city. Jump on a local bus and explore the city!

How to get to Tampere

Flight connections

You can fly to Tampere-Pirkkala airport or to Helsinki-Vantaa airport which is two hours away from Tampere.

When you arrive in Helsinki-Vantaa airport

You can take a bus or train (change at Tikkurila train station) to Tampere. For more information, watch From Helsinki Airport to Tampere video by Visit Tampere.

When you arrive in Tampere-Pirkkala airport

Tampere Public Transport bus number 1A goes from Tampere-Pirkkala airport (“lentoasema”) to the centre of Tampere.

Airlines flying to Tampere: Finnair, Air Baltic, SAS, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International.

Tampere Regional bus

All the venue places are in walking distance but if you want to explore the city via bus you can find the schedules from here.