Original Sokos Hotel Ilves offers rooms with special prices for our visitors during the Tampere Film Festival. Rooms with reduced prices are available between the 3rd–9th of March 2020.


Original Sokos Hotel Ilves
Hatanpään valtatie 1

  • Standard single room 115 € / night
  • Standard double room 135 € / night

Prices include breakfast, tax and hotel saunas.
Prices do not include S-card services.

How to make a reservation?

Please make your reservations with Sokos Hotels Sales Service Centre or directly with the hotel.

  • Sokos Hotels Sales Service Centre (Mon–Fri 8–20)
    phone +358 20 1234 600
    email sokos.hotels[at]sok.fi
  • Original Sokos Hotel Ilves (reception)
    phone +358 20 1234 631
    email ilves.tampere[at]sokoshotels.fi

When making reservations, please use the campaign code “TAMPERE FILM FESTIVALS”. Prices are valid until 7th of February 2020 or as long as there are rooms left.

There are limited number of discounted rooms available. Rates only apply between 3rd–8th of March 2020. When making a reservation of a double room please inform the other guest’s name.