WASTE NO.3 BOOM, Jan Ijäs, Finland, 2017, Documentary

What preparations needed to be done for this film?   

With this film it took the longest time to get the permissions for the shooting, almost two years in total. Eventually we got permission but only for one day because there is a twenty persons limit on detonation zone while constructing the “bomb”. Hence they needed to reduce amount of military personnel while our camera team was filming in the area.

Since we needed to reshoot a few scenes, We got one extra filming day after long negotiations. Because our time limit, we had to use six cameras and that required more preparations. I never wrote a script, filming was 100% improvised. We decided with the cameraman not to use typical 24 frames per second speed. Instead of 24 fps we used 6, 36 and 120 frames per second.

Human motion becomes dancelike when slowing their movement, with heavy machinery the movement turns lighter by speeding up their motion.

What other episodes do the Waste film series contains and where did you get the idea for this episode?

I have been working with this Jäte/Waste project  several years by now. The series include seven films. I have plans for ten films but let’s see how long we have money.

Other episodes tell about money, loneliness, elderly people, cities, internet, tourism, food and the last part is about leaving the planet (because of the aforementioned reasons).

My working method is collecting “stories”. At some point these stories become a whole entity by accident. Just like in this case, an accident.