The Festival isn’t possible without over 100 wonderful volunteers who come to work for the Festival every year. They are indispensable!

Two of those precious staff members will blog about their experiences during the festival week. First in line is Malka Gotthilf.

I didn’t plan anything. Something just made me go to the website of the Tampere Film Festival one night, where a volunteer-seeking announcement popped up. I clicked forward, opened the application form. “Well, let’s fill it up,” I thought. “I will not be elected anyways.” The filled-in application form left, and I forgot the whole thing until one beautiful February day I received an email that started with the words: “Welcome to communication runner of Tampere Film Festival!”

From my first seconds here I felt to be in the right place. On Wednesday I was helping with the communications coordinator Niina Salmelin at the Ratina shopping mall, today (Thursday) I will be helping with a private event. Being nervous was left on the train between Jyväskylä and Tampere, instead the confidence and hard drive to do and experience

Here’s a little detail. I’m not by coincidence as a communications runner, but I revolved in this field for some time. I study at the Department of Languages ​​and Communication at the University of Jyväskylä, so I studied communications and media automatically during my bachelor’s studies. At the time, these compulsory studies were not yet there, but I found them interesting. The same thing during the student exchange: mainly studying communication and media courses. I also worked, among others, as a producer of music videos and short films, and as a project coordinator. So I have more interest for this industry than it should be legally. 😀

Next question: why Tampere Film Festival? Having a degree in the film industry, I am naturally interested in the film industry. The Tampere Film Festival, for its part, is Finland’s largest international short film festival. This makes an easy mathematical addition: Malka + Festival = step closer to the dream career. So I’m gonna get a lot out of here, once when I’m here.

I’m also going to see the shows. I would have gone anyway, but the chance to get there for free is absolutely forcing me to go! The list includes at least national competition, international competition, Oscar-nominated short films 2019 and Japan.

Wednesday was busy. In addition to getting to know new people and the energetic staff of the festival, I was making the promotion of the festival at the Ratina Shopping Center. Shortly, the promotion included the lottery of the festival tickets. So I together with my collegue had to get people to take selfies from themselves and publish them on Instagram with a hashtag #filkkarit. The task was difficult. The northern people do not easily upload images from themselves to the Internet. However, we got a good number of participants with Niina.

The atmosphere at the film festival is already breathtaking! So far, it’s difficult to say what has been the best, because I have fully enjoyed everything! Making photos and waiting for this evening…